From woman to woman: the trend of honest empowerment

7th August 2019

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From woman to woman: the trend of honest empowerment

No longer just looking to buy a product, women nowadays are far more likely to want to buy into a positive brand ‘experience’. And when it comes to women, who better to understand how to authentically support, than other women?

From woman to woman: the trend of honest empowerment

In the new frontier of corporate responsibility, brands no longer need to just fulfil a service, but speak to the consumer’s socio-political values as a whole.

It’s only through noting the disparate communication between brands and women in the past that the way was paved for the future: a trend of empowerment and active betterment.

Brands are now positioning themselves far more than a collection of products, but a constructive lifestyle change that will directly improve your wellbeing. Noticing a gap in the market where women are listened and catered to, brands led by women, for women are able to offer an empathetic solution.

Holistically understanding the need for genuine improvement of their lives through products, there are several inspiring brands whose impact spans further than just what they offer in their stores.

Lorna Jane, the brand now synonymous with the ubiquitous ‘activewear’, was once Lorna Jane Clarkson humbly designing clothes at her kitchen table. After noting the lack of comfortable, stylish and flattering gym wear available, she took to making her own. The requests from women approaching her in the gym saw her cutting, and designing pieces to sell after classes at home, before eventually quitting her day job to pursue what clearly was a lucrative and influential career. Inspiring women to ‘have the energy to get things done’, Lorna Jane’s designs are more than a fashion statement, but inspiration to feel and move better.



In the beauty sphere, the desire for honest, simple and uplifting products also lent to a genius idea. Frank Body was started by 5 women in a coffee shop, lamenting over the lack of humble and environmentally conscious beauty products available. “We wanted to be honest and frank about our product… it made us stand out in an otherwise cookie cutter industry,” co-founder Jess Hatzis told Forbes. Their signature product, coffee ground-based body scrubs, became social media sensations due to their naturally derived, vegan ingredients and simple, no-frills packaging. A genuinely useful product marketed in an authentic way.



It’s clear that in order to remain relevant to consumers, brands must incorporate real, human values into their identities.

In marketing products that allow women to genuinely invest in themselves and their wellbeing, a sincere connection is able to be forged. Women who, themselves, braided their own wants into the ethos of their companies have found an invaluable niche: a company that is willing to listen.

Understanding the complexities of talking to women is no small feat, and what we pride ourselves on. In strategically opening up the floor for conversation, Her positions brands to offer their lifestyle solutions. Our passion is and always will be to build connections for women, taking inspiration from the likes of the amazing brands above to do so!