Stopping Stigmatisation

30th August 2019

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Stopping Stigmatisation

Libra’s latest ad features red period blood instead of the usual sanitised blue, and people aren’t happy.

Libra, Australia’s leading feminine care company, have ruffled more than a few feathers with their latest campaign. Encouraging conversation with the hashtag #bloodnormal, the TVC, launched on 18 August, bravely features what has never been seen in a feminine product advertisement before: red blood.

That’s right: straying away from the sanitised blue hue that is traditionally used to illustrate absorbency, Libra’s ‘Blood Normal’ campaign is attempting to normalise periods by showing it in all its natural glory. The TVC features red liquid being poured directly onto a pad, as well as blood dripping down a woman’s leg as she showers.

The campaign originally launched in the UK and Sweden in 2017 under the same name, ending with the evocative title card that read ‘Periods are normal. Showing them should be too.’

Which begs to question, in turn, why this seemingly obvious statement should be met with such controversy. Periods are a very normal part of a vast variety of peoples’ lives, and yet the policing of what is deemed ‘acceptable’ to show on TV is proof of internalised shame. As a leader of feminine care, it’s nothing short of inspiring to see a company like Libra take a stand for what is widely ignored by mainstream media.

Her, for one, is relieved to finally see an accurate and raw portrayal of menstruation. “For Libra, as the only Australian-made brand of feminine care products, it is so important to us that we employ local creative talent and assets to help us to amplify the message to Aussie girls and women that periods are normal,” Caitlin Patterson, executive general manager of Asaleo Care told We couldn’t agree more: it is only through essential campaigns like Libra’s ‘Blood Normal’ that we are able to move forward as a society, into one where stigmatisation over periods is almost rendered obsolete.

Her’s ethos is seemingly the same as Libra’s: to support and celebrate women in all facets of their lives. We aim to carry on this important legacy of thought-provoking and real campaigns, shaping the wide definition of femininity for the better.