Saving lives, one bra at a time

10th September 2019

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Saving lives, one bra at a time

Answering a dire need to understand female cardiac health, startup Bloomer Tech designed a wearable monitor to wear close to the heart: in a bra.

With heart disease being the leading cause of death worldwide, it should come as no surprise that research in cardiovascular studies is of the upmost importance. But with only one in three of three participants in research trials being women, the symptoms and insights that we’ve acquired mainly skew toward being male-focused. Shortness of breath and jaw pain, for example, are tell-tale symptoms for women, but aren’t widely known, and are therefore often ignored.

So the gauntlet was thrown: how does one encourage women to participate in essential cardiovascular research? Alicia Chong Rodriguez, along with co-founders Aceil Halaby and Monica Abarca, decided to collect extraordinary data in the most ordinary of ways: through clothes.


After noting that most electrocardiogram devices to track heart abnormalities were awkward and bulky, this incredible team of women designed a wearable monitor for the what is closest to the heart: a bra.

The name of their company pays homage to Amelia Bloomer, a women’s right activist in the 1800s who took a stand against restrictive corsets, leading to women wearing loose fitting pants or ‘bloomers’. In the words of Amelia Bloomer herself, “clothing not only changes lives – it also changes history.”

After testing sensors and negotiating a design that was both functional and desirable, Bloomer Tech were able to design a patented washable, flexible medical sensor to embed into bras. The sensors collect data from the heart, analyses it for any irregularities, and can then send that information to a doctor if need be through a mobile app.


80% of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented. Are you ready to be a part of something BIG? #HeartHealth #OwnYourHealth

Posted by Bloomer Tech on Tuesday, 23 January 2018


In the age of automation, it’s all about making the objects in your life work for you, not the other way around. The ingenuity of Bloomer Tech doesn’t just lie in the incredible service they’re doing for women’s cardiac health, but the fact that they’ve found a way to integrate this collection of data so seamlessly into everyday lives.

While providing invaluable insight into cardiovascular diseases for women, what Her truly admires about Bloomer Tech lies in their delivery. Tapping into an item of clothing that almost all women wear on a daily basis, they managed to find a way to optimise health in the most intuitive of ways.

Her’s expertise, too, lies in our profound understanding of our female target audience. Taking inspiration from companies like Bloomer Tech, we provide relevant campaigns to the people who need them most. Just like the innovative bras, we know what makes women tick!