When Honesty Really is the Best Policy

10th October 2019

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When Honesty Really is the Best Policy

As there’s over 80 million millennials worldwide, marketing to them means trying to reach the largest generation in history. With their lives being so intrinsically linked to constant barrage of the internet, how does one cut through the noise?

Defined as the people born between the years of 1981 and 1996, millennials were born in the age of the internet; having grown up with the rise of social media and smart phones, technical and social savviness is ingrained in them.

Mastering the habit of thorough research before any purchase through online forums and reviews, marketing to millennials is something that has to be done on their terms, through their channels. When trying to build loyal relationships with this influential generation, it’s clear that honesty truly is the best corporate policy.

That’s right: honesty. It’s obvious that millennials love interacting with brands that are open, transparent, and vocal in their social standings. In valuing authenticity, brands such as Everlane have found success with millennials for their frank tone of voice, ccommitment to a light carbon footprint and their distinct environmentalist and sustainability values.

A clothing line that believes in making a difference, and what makes the brand so incredible is their idea of ‘radical transparency’. Breaking down the exact costs of the labour, transport and materials of each of their items, their clean, modern designs and corporate honesty are celebrated in equal measure.

It’s clear that embracing vulnerability and openness isn’t just an honourable corporate decision, it’s essential when trying to converse and relate to a generation who are too in the know and very sceptical of advertising. With an authentic, interactive ‘this is who we are’ approach, a genuine connection is able to be forged.

It would seem that now, more than ever, trust directly translates to sales. For the generation that inherently doesn’t trust outward, traditional marketing, they must feel that the content was created with them ultimately in mind.

With CNN reporting that by 2020 millennials will make up the majority of the workforce, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the generation that will soon make the majority of essential economic decisions. At Her, we constantly take social climates into consideration, making sure that each of our solutions are as timely and relevant as the last.