Finding the Strength in Vulnerability with Brené Brown

28th November 2019

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Finding the Strength in Vulnerability with Brené Brown

What if you had the ability to cut through the noise; to create a brand, campaign, product or idea that made others go, “Yes! That is SO me.”

What if you had access to this incredible tool whenever you needed it; and what if we told you, you already did?

We’re not talking new software, analytics or data. We’re talking vulnerability.

First, let’s break down what ‘vulnerability’ actually means. Brené Brown, research professor, author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers and TEDx speaker, defines it as: “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure” – probably not our favourite words but all the necessary ingredients that go into creating impactful, transformative communications.

So what does vulnerability look like and why is it important that we embrace it?

Vulnerability is not just emotional exposure but the act of stepping out of our comfort zones and sharing a part of us that we fear may be rejected. The parts we’ve kept tucked away because we assume others don’t feel, think or see things the way we do. We often forget that the parts we’ve kept hidden are what connects us most as human; and our ability to own those stories, to share them and say, “hey I feel this way” and have someone else out there feel they’re not alone – that’s powerful.

Aoife McArdle, Irish film director, screenwriter and cinematographer aptly describes it as “having a secret passageway into people’s inner worlds, into the complex parts of psychology and the truths we all try to hide from one another. Those areas often turn out to be the most creatively fertile and compelling.”

We’ll admit, as a brand, it’s scary to talk about the ‘feel-y’ stuff, but behind the screens are real women, with real struggles who want to tell stories that actually resonate; and we know the one powerful path to take is to be honest with our audience and ourselves. When it’s the right strategy for our clients, it spurs more meaningful and impactful connections with the intended audience, especially in a social media setting. We’ve found that honesty is always more effective in generating authentic conversations. You can’t ask for a better outcome: it creates brand advocates and organic word of mouth, which is powerful and long-lasting.

As Brené Brown says, “vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”