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Operating under the French dermo-cosmetic company Pierre Fabre, Klorane is a natural pharmaceutical brand with a passion for botany. Established in 1965, their newly implemented strategy of ‘The Soul of Botany’ aimed to highlight their sustainable outlook.

Despite already having a significant fan base, Heard was engaged to mould the audience’s perception of Klorane as a true eco-friendly brand with a commitment to the environment through corporate responsibility. Noting that many of Klorane’s campaigns have been very product-focused, we decided to focus more on their commitment to sustainability.





  • 86k Video Views
  • 1.5m Facebook Impressions
  • 5% Click Through Rate - Nearly 5 times the industry standard

Drawing upon Klorane’s mission to ‘Protect’, ‘Explore’ and ‘Share’ the environment, we integrated products around the audience’s areas of interest.

We strategically framed the products around Klorane’s ethos. Emphasising Klorane’s sustainable gathering techniques and environmental consciousness, we communicated their top haircare ranges in a natural way. Profiling the three inspirational ambassadors who embody each of Klorane’s three pillars, we highlighted the #Kloranechangemakers across all channels. This championed the women whose values of sustainability aligned with Klorane’s, while also encouraging social media engagement with the hashtag.

Recognising how saturated the eco/vegan market has become, our campaign featured a modern, editorial style that spoke more of Klorane’s message than their products. The result is a highly relevant and approachable campaign, that positions Klorane as the empathetic and warm brand they are.

Klorane Change Makers
Klorane Change Makers
Klorane Change Makers
Klorane Change Makers
Klorane Change Makers

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