Avene Sunsitive

Shining a light on sensitive sun protection with extraordinary, everyday Australians.

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French dermocosmetic company Avène are beloved worldwide for their products, specifically formulated to soothe and protect sensitive skin. We were engaged to create a launch campaign for their new sunscreen range in Australia- one that cut through an incredibly-competitive market of tried, trusted and long-established brands.

As skin damage caused by sun exposure is an important topic for all Australians, our female target audience was wide-ranging. We embraced this challenge by creating a striking key visual, using raw close-ups of real and diverse women- emphasising the message that everyone is susceptible to sun damage. Along with our everyday Australians, we also engaged humanitarian, athlete and author Turia Pitt as the Sunsitive ambassador. We took great care to ensure that the campaign capitalised on her incredible influence in a positive and authentic way. Turia’s voice as an influential female ambassador added genuineness and inspiration to this essential campaign.



  • 1,068,395 Facebook impressions
  • 21,570 Instagram likes on Turia Pitt’s #Sunsitive post
  • 13,524 Competition entries
Avene Sunsitive Campaign

Testimonials told the stories of each ambassador’s unique relationship with the sun.

Each touchpoint of this campaign dispelled common stereotypes and myths around sun sensitivity, spreading disruptive awareness for sun protection leading into the summer period. With social media having a proven influence on purchasing decisions for women, the hashtag #Sunsitive was the tagline for all channels, encouraging our target market to continue the conversation and generate their own online content.

Avene Sunsitive Campaign
Avene Sunsitive Campaign
Avene Sunsitive Campaign
Avene Sunsitive Campaign
Avene Sunsitive Campaign

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